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We have got free books for everyone-nextisbest

This started a couple of years back when a thought crossed my mind. I am a big-time book lover and believe that book contains treasure.

Since my childhood, I wanted to start an initiative for book lovers and the people who are looking for completely free book club. I giveaway the books for free.

When I thought of starting the book club the biggest challenge was the people who used to demotivate me.

Below are some questions people used to throw at me:

  1. You need a business model
  2. You need funding
  3. You will have to go through a lot of pressure
  4. You need manpower

Then I asked a question am I starting a business or just trying to share my passion with others.

I started writing about it. And you won’t believe it does not require any of the above.

I just started connecting with the people and they use to recommend ‘Next Is Best’ to their friends and families.

I am very happy now that I started this book club.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Passion for reading book
  2. No membership free
  3. Selfless intention
  4. Ready to pass on the books to others once finished
  5. Spread love

There are some more reason I started this book club:

I used to travel a lot across Delhi/NCR (India) for finding cheap and second-hand books.

Because to be honest I cannot afford to buy the new books from Amazon all the time and send.

I came across many old bookshops in Delhi. They are dying because nowadays people are using smartphones and Kindle for reading ebooks for free.

But trust me I love the smell of paper.

So I am running this initiative to save those small second hand old bookshops.

I get the books at cheap cost and then I add some more money to post it to the people who want and cannot buy.

The second reason I started this book club is the environment.

You will be surprised to hear that 30 Million trees cut down every year to the production of the book sold in the US alone.

So if I will circulate the same book, again and again, hope in the long run this will leave a small impact on the environment and second hand old bookshops.

Feel free to reach out to me @

Ways to Support:

You can make a small donation of any amount and support us.



If you can’t contribute monetarily, you can leave a comment or review us on your blog or share on social media. Those activities help our message reach to many people.

Thanks for supporting us, we appreciate you. Thank you for helping us create something meaningful.

This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support.


7 thoughts on “Free Book Giveaways – Next Is Best Book Club

  1. Hellow nextisbest. It is good to see you taken a initiative free book give aways.. i can see the effort is like precious pearl.

    I feel to suggest i.e. you can also add an option where people can donate the books so that it can keep pass away to needy people. There is many of the book lover who keep exploring for new book but simultaneouly they also have many idle book on their own bookself.

    I too have few of the books & most of book lovers will defenately like to share the book at right hand/forum. So that it can reach to other passionate lovers who have clear intention to dream the book while reading.

    You are doing an awesome job please keep on.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I like the reading books. Thats come to know about yours from initiative from one of my friends. Excited to check it ended here. Appreciating your good effort. Keep it up.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. That sounds like an awesome initiave . People have to get more into second hand books because we just afford to cut more trees to satisfy our book thurst .

    I’m going to write about you on my blog , I hope you don’t mind ? 🙂


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